Do you find that more candidates are rejecting offers than accepting them? The recruitment process can be highly time consuming, even if you use a recruitment agency to find candidates. Interviews take up a lot of time out of your working day and it can be extremely disheartening when you find the perfect talent, only for the offer to be turned down. This is particularly prevalent in the engineering sector, where great candidates who are open to new opportunities are often like gold dust. Instead of ignoring the rejected offers, it might be time to do a bit more self-analysis and find out if there are improvements you can make to encourage candidates to accept your job offers. These are some common reasons why candidates reject job offers.

Poor recruitment process

There are various factors which will be off putting for candidates when it comes to the recruitment process. If they didn’t feel welcome or comfortable during the interview process, it is likely to affect their decision on whether to work for your company. If the offer takes too long to come to fruition, they will often get impatient and accept another role instead. It may be worth finding out how long the process is from interview to offer and if there are any adjustments which could be made to reduce timescales. If you are using a recruitment agency to source candidates for you, make sure they are providing them with an excellent service and timely responses to any queries they may have. You may be surprised at the difference some small changes can make to your entire recruitment process.

Strict working hours

There is a certain expectation about flexibility in the workplace these days and if you want to attract the best engineering and manufacturing candidates, it is well worth considering offering these kinds of benefits. If your working hours are strict, with no flexibility or options to work from home on occasion, candidates are likely to turn down your offer if they have this opportunity with another company.

Low salary

Engineering and manufacturing are competitive industries and it is imperative that you pay a competitive salary or offer benefits which upsurge the salary. It is worthwhile investing time into salary benchmarking, to ensure you are paying the same (or more) than your competitors. If a candidate has a number of offers to choose from, the salary will usually be the most important consideration. If you pay a lower than market rate, it could be the reason for rejected offers.

Lack of development

In most cases, candidates will be looking for a structured development program, especially within these industries. If they feel that they will be stuck in the same role for years and there is no clear path for developing, they are unlikely to be enticed to join your business. It is well worth investing in good development for new recruits, as it will pay off when you start to get more talented staff through your doors, who will ultimately improve your business.

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