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Gain the Advantage in the UK Engineering Sector

At Bonfire we are not a typical recruitment agency, we are the experts in our sector who are at the forefront in both recruitment technology and processes.

We help engineering professionals in the UK find the next opportunity to grow their career. We have developed a community of forward-thinking engaged people who are looking to grow their career.

We help engineering businesses to improve their organisation's leadership, technical capability and customer authority.

We use our objective and experienced eyes to identify the top 15% of talent in the engineering sector, allowing our partnered businesses to be exposed to new market opportunities and sustainable growth. In short, we make sure the right individuals and put into the right opportunities to grow their career and grow the business.

How you may ask?

We use modern and innovative recruitment and data gathering techniques combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning to map out the entire manufacturing market and then identify exceptional growth businesses with the most talented people in the industry.

Engineering and other specialims recruitment we make :

New Assignment Recieved

Registered Candidates Alerted

Applications Reviewed

Video Interview Shortlisting

Client Interviews

Offer Accepted

Registered Candidates
Total Salaries Accepted


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